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Music is emotion. It is full of power and rhythm, purity and energy, tones and vibrations, joy and vitality.

We make amplifiers and loudspeakers that truly express the magic and fascination of music – with love and passion, with precision and knowledge and the absolute ambition to create outstanding products for the pleasure of pure sound.

With hand selected components and finest materials in combination with technical maturity and ultimate sound perfection the brand BRAX has gained worldwide reputation for its superior quality. Various honours by the world’s major car audio magazines and numerous world wide innovation awards give proof of our excellent work – MADE IN GERMANY.


ดูสินค้า Brax ทั้งหมด


DSP PC-Tool Version 4

DSP PC-Tool V4 download

DSP PC-Tool Version 3

DSP PC-Tool V3 download

DSP PC-Tool Version 2

DSP PC-Tool V2 download

Director Update

BRAX catalogue download

BRAX catalogue

Director update download

ATF DSP Special Vol.2

ATF DSP Special Vol.2download

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