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Our products satisfy the highest demands with a great value for money that the press has called sensational. With our many years of experience in thedevelopment of home and car audio components as well as our exploration of new circuitry concepts and materials, we consistently pursue a philosophy of reproducing acoustic signals in the vehicle as authentically as possible.

To do so, we need real innovations and that’s what we consistently implement in the design and construction of our products. The many awards received from the national and international trade press and satisfied customers all over the world are convincing evidence of the trust that has been placed in us. They confirm that we are on the right path and motivate us to continuously improve the HELIX brand until we achieve absolute perfection.


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DSP PC-Tool Version 4

DSP PC-Tool V4 download

Director Update

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HELIX catalogue

HELIX Catalog download

ATF DSP Special Vol.2

ATF DSP Special Vol.2download

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