• Suitable for all car radios – ideal for upgrading factory sound systems (even with existing factory amplifiers)
  • Produces a stereo preamp signal from the speaker signal of the radio or amplifier
  • “Double Activation Circuit” – generates a +12 V remote signal in two different ways to switch on the connected power amplifiers
  • Excellent sound characteristics due to particularly wide transmission range (18 – 22,000 Hz)
  • “Power Save Mode” to reduce the power consumption of the connected power amplifiers in the absence of an input signal
  • Diagnostics Error Protection Circuit to prevent entries in the vehicle’s fault memory
  • Low standby power requirement
  • Extremely compact and thus easy to install
  • Construction in state-of-the-art SMD technology for maximum reliability
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Original sound systems, which are installed in the vehicle from the factory, usually have a major disadvantage: they do not provide a preamp output for controlling external power amplifiers.
This is where the new HELIX AAC comes in, which generates an optimal preamplifier signal from every loudspeaker signal of a car radio or the power amplifiers of an original sound system.

The new AAC.2 is smarter than any other signal converter.
Its “Double Activation Circuit” generates a remote signal to turn on additional power amplifiers in two possible ways.
It either detects the DC potential on the speaker outputs of standard factory car radios or uses integrated signal detection with variable input sensitivity, which can be additionally activated.

Unique is also the “Power Save Mode”, which shuts off the remote output, if longer than 2 min. no input signal is present. Many vehicles with “CAN” or similar bus systems leave the car radio “invisible” for up to 45 minutes. activated, even if you have meanwhile left the vehicle. Without “Power Save Mode”, the power amplifiers connected to the AAC would overload the car battery unnecessarily.

The new “Diagnostics Error Protection” circuit is an exclusive feature of HELIX – this prevents unwanted entries in the vehicle’s fault memory from being generated after disconnecting the factory car radio from the speakers. The circuit is dimensioned so that even the tweeter detection of the radio is “outwitted”.


Maximum LS input level 16 volts (= 65 watts / 4 ohms)
Maximum output level 4.0 volts
frequency range 18 Hz – 22,000 Hz
THD 0.01%
input impedance 30 ohms (complex load)
Standby power consumption (averaged)
2 mA
Load capacity remote output 200 mA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 77 x 37 x 20 mm


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