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LA 4120 D

Full Range hi-performance compact D class amplifier

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LA 4120 D

To design these powerful, robust, and compact amplifiers, we have used the latest in D class audio amplifier technology. These amplifiers employ SMD (Surface Mount Device) electronic components, reducing the overall size while still providing high-end audio performance. Thanks to their high efficiency, they will provide the power required to reproduce the full dynamics of your favorite recording, combined with unheard of reliability.


  • Compact 4/3/2-channel D Class amplifier
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Latest full range high performance circuit design
  • Surface mount components technology
  • 4 Layers PCB board
  • Balanced input circuit design
  • Audio precision quality control verification
  • White “ Blam” Logo illumination


Low level input range
0.2V / 6V
RMS output (4 ohms)
120 watts * 4ch RMS
RMS output (2 ohms)
200 watts * 4ch RMS
Bridged output (4 ohms)
400 watts  * 2ch RMS
Lpf filter
70Hz – 250 Hz
Hpf filter
70Hz-320 Hz
Signal to noise ratio
95 dB
Frequency response
20/50 Khz
Live boost on 1 and 2 channel
Bass boost on 3 and 4 channel
50 hz
Remote bass control for rear channels
Short circuit / low impedance / reversal of polarity / heat protection
Dimensions (L x l x H)
278 x 175 x 51(mm)