RA 301 D

Ultra-compact D Class amplifier
Compatible with OEM head units

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Simple, simpler, PP 41DSP – enhancing the sound of an original sound system just doesn’t get any easier than this. The PP 41DSP is sorted by vehicle manufacturer, already fully configured and is delivered with the matching vehicle-specific connector cable. The internal memory contains up to 16 different setups for the digital signal processor in the amplifier. Simply select the number of the proper setup for your own vehicle using two pushbuttons, and the original speakers will already begin delivering sound quality at its finest. It almost goes without saying that the cable set included allows you to hook up the unit without having to modify one single cable on the vehicle cable harness. That is Plug & Play in its purest form.


  • Ultra-compact monochannel D Class amplifier
  • Compatible with OEM head units
  • High-level inputs with auto-turn on


RCA low-level inputs
0.2V / 6V
Power (4 ohms)
180 Watts RMS
Power (2 ohms)
300 Watts RMS
Low-pass crossover
50 Hz-250 Hz
Bass boost
réglables jusqu’à + 18dB
Signal noise ratio
Short circuit / low impedance / reversal of polarity / heat protection
bass control
Dimensions (L x W x H)
3/8  41/12  13/8 – 162 mm x 35 mm x 103 mm