C 63C

  • Subwoofer with sturdy aluminum die-cast basket
  • Large coupling volumes with the tweeter and midrange for particularly low resonance frequency
  • Mid-woofer cone made of hand-made, long-fiber sisal with additional elastomer structure damping
  • Practically compression-free conversion of the amplifier power into sound pressure
  • Lowest manufacturing tolerances and exclusive use of selected materials
  • Crossover with high frequency level adjustment and dual woofer mode
  • Made in Germany
  • Grid included
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The C-Series Reference Speakers take the bar for fantastic sound quality to a new level. The legendary sisal membrane of the woofer received an additional structure damping of elastomer, which further improves the acoustic properties. The case of the tweeter has also been completely redesigned. If you want to operate your speakers fully active (eg via our new digital signal processors), you can put together your desired system from the individual components as you like.

Like the speaker systems themselves, the crossovers of the component systems have been further optimized. Built with the finest components, in addition to being able to adjust the high-frequency level, they also offer the option of connecting a second woofer per channel without changing the transmission frequencies. The so-called “double woofer mode” provides additional pressure in the kick bass area.


Power RMS / Max. 190/380 watts

frequency range 47 Hz – 25,000 Hz

impedance 4 Ω

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m 91 dB

membrane material HT: silk dome 

MT: silk dome 

TT: sisal with elastomeric structure damping

crossover 12/12/12 dB with treble level adjustment and dual woofer mode

outer diameter HT: 50 mm 

MT: 90 mm 

TT: 166 mm

Installation diameter HT: 44 mm 

MT: 78 mm 

TT: 145 mm

depth HT: 20.50 mm 

MT: 31.15 mm 

TT: 67 m


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