EPC 5.2

  • Plug & Play connector for easy connection to the device (8-pin RIA connector)
  • ISO connection (for connection to the factory radio via ISO plug and coupling) *
  • Harness length 5.00 meters
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The optimal wiring harness that dramatically simplifies the connection of additional equipment to factory car radios. With the Easy Plug cable (EPC 5.2) our amplifiers P SIX DSP / MK2 and V EIGHT DSP with the four-channel highlevel signal (loudspeaker signal) of the radio or our signal processors HELIX DSP PRO / MK2, HELIX DSP.2, HELIX DSP and MATCH DSP supplied with power from the radio and the highlevel signal.

An added benefit: It does not even require a remote power-on signal. It could hardly be simpler!


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