• Extremely stable ceramic-aluminum dome for a particularly precise and dynamic high-frequency reproduction
  • Stainless steel case turned out of solid for maximum heat dissipation
  • Integrated merino wool damped coupling volume for a low resonance frequency
  • Precisely engineered, 12x ventilated neodymium magnet for optimal linear magnetic flux
  • Integrated 24-carat gold-plated connectors for maximum conductivity
  • Rear mounting ring and fine thread for a hidden attachment
  • Stable protective grille included
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It all began with the vision of music lover and company founder Heinz Fischer being the first to bring the terrific audio experience of legendary high-end hi-fi components into the car. Uncompromising in design, technology and sound. True to this guiding principle, the focus of the new development of our BRAX GRAPHIC loudspeaker series was on pure, unadulterated music reproduction, consistently implemented with the latest technologies and the highest quality materials – of course Made in Germany.

For the first time, the 25 mm / 1 “high-end tweeter BRAX GRAPHIC GL1 incorporates an innovative ceramic-aluminum dome into the BRAX loudspeaker series: In a complex manufacturing process, a ceramic flame is melted onto the surface of the aluminum base support by a plasma flame. The result is a calotte with extreme stability and low moving mass and high internal damping – ideal for a brilliant and compression-free high-frequency reproduction with excellent fine resolution. The integrated coupling volume, which is dampened with merino wool, ensures a low resonance frequency and thus the possibility of a deep acoustic coupling.

The purist design of the stainless steel housing turned out of solid does not only look classy, ​​it also ensures optimal heat dissipation. The mounting ring with fine thread on the back of the housing allows a particularly discreet integration into the vehicle interior. Recessed, 24-carat gold-plated connector sockets ensure maximum conductivity, the precision-crafted, 12-times ventilated neodymium magnet optimally linear magnetic flux and the sturdy grid provides reliable protection of the calotte.

As is typical for BRAX, each pair of loudspeakers is provided with its own serial number and recorded in a service database. This high-end product – made in Germany – is also rounded off by the packaging in a noble wooden box, which underlines once again the philosophy of the BRAX brand.


Power RMS / Max. P 100/150 watts
(high pass> 3,000 Hz at 12 dB / oct.)
impedance Z 4 Ω
DC resistance re 3.4 Ω
resonant frequency fs 900 Hz
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 90 dB
Voice coil diameter O 25 mm
membrane area sd 4.9 cm²
Moving mass mms 0.36 g
membrane material Ceramic aluminum dome
outer diameter O 59 mm
Installation diameter O 52 mm
depth 24 mm
Recommended cut-off frequencies for the high pass
slope Minimum crossover frequency
6 dB / octave 4,000 Hz
12 dB / octave > 3,000 Hz
24 dB / octave > 2,000 Hz


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