• Extremely stiff and very light paper cone with a novel “MicroSphere” coating of ceramic
  • Micro hollow spheres, embedded in a polymer layer, allow best pulse reproduction without any discoloration
  • Specially shaped rubber bead for maximum linear diaphragm stroke
  • The new, hemispherical dust cap (Dustcap) optimizes the frequency response in the upper midrange
  • Particularly stable aluminum die-cast basket
  • 24-carat gold plated screw terminals for minimal contact resistance
  • Powerful and precisely manufactured magnet system for high efficiency and linear magnetic flux
  • Large pole core vent for significant minimization of compression effects
  • Robust magnetic cover with BRAX logo for perfect protection of the magnet
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It all began with the vision of music lover and company founder Heinz Fischer being the first to bring the terrific audio experience of legendary high-end hi-fi components into the car. Uncompromising in design, technology and sound. True to this guiding principle, the focus of the new development of our BRAX GRAPHIC loudspeaker series was on pure, unadulterated music reproduction, consistently implemented with the latest technologies and the highest quality materials – of course Made in Germany.

The 165 mm / 6.5 “high-end midrange driver GRAPHIC GL6 features the unique” MicroSphere “coating for outstanding sound precision. In this patented technology, ceramic micro-hollow spheres with a diameter of only 75 μm are embedded in a polymer layer and applied to the membrane. This special coating guarantees perfect internal damping without negatively affecting the membrane weight. Instead, the innovative coating increases the rigidity of the hand-made cone and makes the mid-range speaker even more dynamic and accented.

The other details continue the BRAX philosophy without exception. The specially shaped rubber surround provides maximum linear diaphragm lift and the new, hemispherical dustcap (Dustcap) optimizes the mid-frequency response, while 24-carat gold-plated screw terminals minimize contact resistance. The aluminum die-cast basket of the mid-range woofer signals solidity, the powerful and precisely manufactured magnet system stands for high efficiency and linear magnetic flux. Last but not least, the large Polkern ventilation opening ensures a significant minimization of compression effects as well as the robust cover with BRAX lettering for reliable protection of the magnet.

As is typical for BRAX, each pair of loudspeakers is provided with its own serial number and recorded in a service database. This high-end product – made in Germany – is also rounded off by the packaging in a noble wooden box, which underlines once again the philosophy of the BRAX brand.

“>48 Hz

Power RMS / Max. P 100/150 watts

impedance Z 3 Ω

DC resistance re 3.0 Ω

resonant frequency fs 52 Hz

Mechanical quality qms 6.00

Electricity Qes 0.57

overall quality qts 0.52

indulgence cms 603 μm / N

equivalent volume Vas 16.3 l

power factor BI 5.2 Tm

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 88 dB

membrane area sd 139 cm²

Moving mass mms 15.3 g

membrane material

Paper membrane with “MicroSphere” coating

of ceramic micro-hollow spheres, embedded in a polymer layer

Mechanical resistance rms 0.84 kg / s

Voice coil diameter O 37 mm

Voice coil width

14 mm

Max. Linear diaphragm stroke Xmax +/- 4.0 mm

outer diameter O 166 mm

Installation diameter O 142 mm


68.2 mm


Recommended housing volumes


Closed housing


net volume

8 l

Lower limit frequency (-3dB)

69 Hz


Bass reflex housing


net volume

15 l

Reflex duct diameter O 60 mm

Reflex port area

28 cm²

Reflex channel length

19 cm

Tunnel tuning frequency Fb 45 Hz

Lower limit frequency (-3dB)


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