• USB interface for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices
  • Lossless HD audio signal transmission with up to 192 kHz / 32 bit
  • Direct transmission of the digital signals to the DSP for lossless signal processing
  • Asynchronous USB connection with own clocks for high jitter immunity
  • Automatic signal detection
  • Device-specific side plate included
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The HD-AUDIO USB-INTERFACE adds a high-resolution audio USB input to HELIX products and turns a PC or smartphone into an HD audio player. Thanks to the direct further processing of the digital signals from the music source to the DSP with up to 192 kHz / 32 bits without additional AD-DA conversion, a lossless signal processing is possible and perfect sound quality is guaranteed. The device-specific side plate is naturally included in the delivery.


Note: The HD-AUDIO USB INTERFACE has two operating modes:
Full Speed ​​Mode (default): Highest compatibility with all Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows devices. Support for sample rates up to 96 kHz / 32 bits without additional driver installation.
High Speed ​​Mode: Compatible with most Android (> Version 6), iOS, macOS and Windows devices. Support of sample rates up to 192 kHz / 32 bit. For Windows devices, an additional driver installation is required to use higher sampling rates than 96 kHz / 32 bit.

Note: Most configurations require a MiniUSB cable. For Android devices an additional MicroUSB OTG cable is required, for Apple devices a Camera Connection Kit or a Lightning to USB cable.

Attention: The HD-AUDIO USB-INTERFACE can not charge.


Input sampling frequency 32 kHz to 192 kHz / 16 bit, 24 bit or 32 bit
input format PCM
Supported Operating Systems Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Additional features Asynchronous USB connection with own clocks for high jitter immunity



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