2-channel amplifier with integrated active crossover and 1 Ohm stability

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The new G amplifiers are more than just impressive power packs. They unite innovative technology, extensive functionality and best sound with a very attractive price-performance ratio.

Beside their features such as fully active crossover with highpass, lowpass, bandpass and bass boost, input mode switch for flexible input signal routing and smart highlevel input with ADEP circuit, the G series also provides Start-Stop capability which is exceptional in this price range. And that’s not all – a remote control for adjusting the subwoofer level is included in delivery.

With such an extensive equipment the configuration of individual powerful but good sounding car audio systems is easy to realize. Furthermore the G amplifiers have the typical compact and straight HELIX design with illuminated logo.


      • Start-Stop capability down to 6V supply voltage
      • Smart highlevel input with ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection)
      • Fully active crossover with highpass, lowpass, bandpass and bass boost
      • Extremely stable output stage with high-current power transistors
      • Cable remote control for volume adjustment of the channels C and D
      • “Input mode” switch for flexible input signal routing
      • Highlevel input sensitivity up to 14 Volts max.
      • 2-channel PreOut for the connection of additional amplifiers
      • SMD (Surface Mounted Device) manufacturing technology combines minimum space requirement with maximum reliability
      • Exclusive compact and clean design with illuminated HELIX-logo


Output power RMS / max.
 @ 4 Ohms 4 x 80 / 160 Watts
 @ 2 Ohms 4 x 120 / 240 Watts
 bridged @ 4 Ohms 2 x 240 / 480 Watts
Amplifier technology
Class AB
Inputs 4 x RCA / Cinch
4 x Highlevel speaker input
1 x Remote In
1 x Remote control input
Outputs 4 x Speaker output
2 x RCA / Cinch
Frequency response
10 Hz – 40,000 Hz
Bass boost 0 – 12 dB / 45 Hz
Highpass 15 Hz – 4,000 Hz adjustable
Lowpass 40 Hz – 4,000 Hz adjustable
Bandpass 15 Hz – 4,000 Hz adjustable
Slope high- / lowpass Butterworth 12 dB/Oct.
Distortion (THD)
0.02 %
Signal-to-noise ratio
108 dB (A-weighted)
Input sensitivity
Highlevel 2.5 – 14 Volts
RCA / Cinch 1 – 6 Volts
Output voltage RCA / Cinch
1 – 6 Volts RMS
Damping factor
Input impedance RCA / Cinch 30 kOhms
Input impedance highlevel 12 Ohms
Operating voltage
9.6 – 16 Volts (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)
Fuse 2 x 30 A Maxi-fuse (APX)
(H x W x D)
57 x 334 x 241 mm /
2.24 x 13.15 x 9.50”


Special Features

Smart highlevel input
The latest generation of OE car radios incorporates sophisticated possibilities of diagnosing the connected speakers. If a common amplifier will be hooked up failure messages and loss of specific features (e.g. fader function) quite often appears – but not with the G FOUR.
The new ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection) avoids all these problems without loading the speaker outputs of the OE radio during high volumes unnecessarily.

Start-Stop capability
The switched power supply of the HELIX G FOUR assures operation even if the battery’s voltage drops down to 6 Volts during engine crank.

Delivery contents

1 x Amplifier HELIX G FOUR

1 x Cable remote control

1 x Mounting material

1 x Instruction manual


Manual: Download