IPC 1,000,000 ㅅ F

  • Higher amplifier performance through controlled voltage stabilization
  • Digital voltage display
  • Integrated 7-digit power tester
  • Elaborate constant charge current control
  • Reverse polarity protection with optical display
  • Overvoltage protection from 17 volts
  • Automatic connection
  • Vibration-proof construction
  • Minimum internal resistance <0.9 mOhm
  • Easy and fast installation
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The BRAX IPCs (Intelligent Power Caps) combine exceptionally high capacities with intelligent technology, thus guaranteeing optimal power supply to the Car-Hifi amplifiers. They compensate for short-term voltage peaks as well as extreme voltage dips by high pulse currents (as they can occur, for example, in the reproduction of low bass) by the controlled stabilization efficiently.


capacity 1,000,000 μF
diameter 75 mm
length 282 mm


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