• Extremely stiff and very light paper membrane with a novel “MicroSphere” coating of ceramic micro-hollow spheres, embedded in a polymer layer
  • Low-reflection rubber surround for balanced frequency response in the upper transmission range
  • Aerodynamically shaped die-cast aluminum basket with optimum voice coil ventilation
  • Extremely precisely manufactured, ventilated neodymium magnet system for optimal linear magnetic flux
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The new BRAX MATRIX ML3 cone midrange drivers are already a masterpiece in their own right – handcrafted in Germany using the latest technology and the highest quality materials. However, they fully demonstrate their perfection as part of a high-quality fully active sound system. Here they convince by the extraordinary sound and level capabilities, which one expects from a product of the reference brand BRAX.

The design signals high quality, the exquisite components “Made in Germany” guarantee the best functionality and pure, unadulterated music reproduction. The aerodynamically shaped die-cast aluminum basket ensures optimum voice coil ventilation, while an extremely low-reflection rubber surround ensures an incomparably balanced frequency response in the upper transmission range.

Another contribution is made by the extremely stiff and very light paper membrane with a new “MicroSphere” coating. In this patented technology, ceramic micro-hollow spheres with a diameter of only 75 μm are embedded in a polymer layer and applied to the membrane. This special coating not only increases the stiffness of the cone, but also its inner damping. Instead of complaining, this unique stabilization ensures lightness, lower overall quality, and outstanding precision in sound reproduction.

In order to meet our high quality standards, the speakers are hand-selected for perfect sound interaction and assembled into pairs based on their acoustic parameters and recorded with a serial number in a service database. The packaging in a noble wooden box completes the whole and once again underlines the high-end philosophy of the BRAX brand. Optionally, a stainless steel mounting ring set including grid (MR3) is available. The solid stainless steel ring can be used depending on the installation position as a mounting ring or for receiving the grid.


Power RMS / Max. P 100/150 watts
(high pass> 300 Hz at 24 dB / oct.)
impedance Z 4 Ω
DC resistance re 3.4 Ω
resonant frequency fs 80 Hz
Mechanical quality qms 2.21
Electricity Qes 0.33
overall quality qts 0.29
indulgence cms 1220 μm / N
equivalent volume Vas 2,09 l
power factor BI 4.1 Tm
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 87 dB
membrane area sd 35 cm²
Moving mass mms 3.3 g
membrane material Paper membrane with “MicroSphere” coating
of ceramic micro-hollow spheres, embedded in a polymer layer
Mechanical resistance rms 0.74 kg / s
Voice coil diameter O 25 mm
Voice coil width 6 mm
Max. Linear diaphragm stroke Xmax +/- 1.5 mm
outer diameter O 92 mm
Installation diameter O 76 mm
depth 34 mm
Recommended housing volumes
Closed housing with at least 250 ml net volume
net volumes Recommended DSP / amp settings
0.4 liter (system resonance: 200 Hz) Crossover frequency: 350 Hz
Min. Slope: 12 dB / oct.
0.8 liter (system resonance: 155 Hz) Crossover frequency: 300 Hz
Min. Slope: 12 dB / oct.
1.2 liters (system resonance: 140 Hz) Crossover frequency: 250 Hz
Min. Slope: 24 dB / oct.


Note: The housing should always be completely filled with insulating material.


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