• Optical inputs for the upcoming BRAX processor (2 x TOSLINK)
  • Separate connection for BRAX power stabilizer directly to the switching transistors
  • Eight input kelos for extremely high current pulse loads with a total capacity of 40,000 micro-Farad
  • 200 amp high power switching transistors
  • Power-optimized suppression choke up to 300 ampere tips with low internal resistance
  • Specially designed transformers with highly efficient core materials and a total output of over 1,800 watts
  • High efficiency due to fast Schottky power diodes with a total of 160 amperes
  • Side PCBs with 32 hand-selected high-end MOSFET transistors that deliver brilliant sound
  • Processor-controlled management of the amplifier’s operating data and control of the optional fan. In addition, the processor monitors the entire power amplifier and switches it off in the event of a malfunction
  • Engraved serial number in stainless steel nameplate
  • Impedance-independent output power of approx. 280 watts per channel
  • 4, 2 and 1 ohms stable
  • Optional fan in base plate with processor-controlled fan
  • The massive heat sink, made of a special aluminum alloy, ensures perfect cooling of the power supply and output stage transistors
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Based on our principles “handmade” and “made in Germany”, we have developed the power amplifier BRAX MX4 according to the latest technical findings. The final result is a top-notch amp as well as a true high-end statement: Years of development, innovative technologies and meticulous manufacturing combined with the love of music as the driving force behind our work make the BRAX MX4 the most powerful and powerful soundiest four-channel power amplifier in the world.

With the straightforward design of the MX4 power amp and the thought-out board layout down to the last detail, we deliberately avoided the use of crossovers and filter functions.Short signal paths in combination with exquisite components “made in Germany” guarantee unadulterated music enjoyment and underline the purist high-end philosophy of the BRAX MX4.

To completely eliminate performance differences and manufacturing tolerances between individual components, we use only hand-selected transistors for the production of each MX4 amplifier. We divide their current, voltage and resistance values ​​into more than 300 categories, allowing them to perfectly match each other. In this way, BRAX amplifiers reach worldwide reference status. Audiotec Fischer is globally the only manufacturer of audiophile products that carries out the elaborate and time-consuming procedure of hand selection in its quest for perfection. Of course, the required measuring instruments are also proprietary developments.

Two separate switching power supplies for channels A / B and C / D guarantee an unlimited power output on the BRAX MX4. So the power of the amplifier remains constant even when speakers or woofers with different impedances are connected to the BRAX MX4. In addition, in order to be able to regulate voltage fluctuations directly at the switched-mode power supply, the amplifier has its own connection jacks for a buffer capacitor. The gold-plated, solid power connection terminals accept cables with a diameter of up to 50mm² and also make an important contribution to the optimum power supply of the BRAX MX4.

As a result, the BRAX MX4 is characterized by a highly dynamic, fast and incredibly powerful sound reproduction. The philosophy underlying the final stage is rounded off by the packaging in a noble wooden box. In addition, each individual device is manufactured individually and recorded with the associated serial number in a service database. We produce the BRAX MX4 exclusively on order and are always happy to respond to special customer requests. This makes each power amp a real one-of-a-kind piece that can rightfully be adorned with the title “High-end made in Germany”.


Power RMS
– @ 4 ohms 4 x 275 watts
– @ 2 ohms 4 x 280 watts
– @ 1 ohm 4 x 285 watts
– bridged to 4 ohms 2 x 550 watts
– bridged to 2 ohms 2 x 560 watts
amplifier technology Class AB
inputs 4 x RCA
2 x Optical SPDIF (12 – 96 kHz)
1 x Remote In
input sensitivity RCA 1.0 – 8.0 volts
Input impedance RCA 10 kOhm
Input impedance high level
outputs 4 x speaker output
Output voltage RCA
Signal converter for the digital input BurrBrown 24 bit DA converter
frequency range 10 Hz – 80 kHz
Bass Boost
Slope high / low pass
Slope Subsonic / Low Pass
Signal-to-noise ratio digital input > 110 dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input > 110 dB (A-weighted)
Harmonic distortion (THD) <0.001%
damping factor > 1000
operating voltage 9 – 16 volts
No-load current 8.5 A
fuse 6 x 25 A LP-Mini plug fuse
Additional features Color Protection System, BRAX Power Stabilizer connection
Dimensions (H x W x D) 79 x 360 x 360 mm
Net weight 11.5 kg


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