P 1Thelix

  • 25 mm tweeter with highly efficient neodymium magnet and hand-coated silk dome for balanced, natural reproduction and minimal compression effects
  • Including installation material, built-in pot and inclined desk
  • Lowest manufacturing tolerances and only use of the highest quality materials
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What do you want to lose many words about this tweeter? Its acoustic performance has thrilled journalists and sound enthusiasts alike for many years. In defiance of the subtle optics, the P 1T is a sonic giant, who, like his equally legendary predecessor P1, has already played several competitor products on the wall. Precision, resolution and neutrality have a short name – P 1T.

Power RMS / Max. P 100/200 watts 

(high pass> 3,000 Hz at 12 dB / oct.)

impedance Z 4 Ω

DC resistance re 3.4 Ω

resonant frequency fs 1,500 Hz

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 91 dB

Voice coil diameter O 25 mm

membrane area sd 4.9 cm²

Moving mass mms 0.3 g

membrane material Seidenkalotte

outer diameter O 58 mm

Installation diameter O 49.3 mm

depth 15 mm


Recommended cut-off frequencies for the high pass 

slope  Minimum crossover frequency

6 dB / octave 4,000 Hz

12 dB / octave > 3,000 Hz

24 dB / octave > 2,500 Hz


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