P 3M

  • 75 mm cone midrange with a new fiberglass-paper compound membrane for maximum rigidity with the
    lowest weight and optimum internal damping
  • Highly efficient, compact neodymium magnet system for linear drive and minimum harmonic distortion
  • Low-resonance basket made of glass fiber reinforced plastic with optimized voice coil ventilation for high load capacity
  • Grid included
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The P 3M is the perfect complement to any fully active 2-way speaker system. Its lightweight fiberglass-paper-compound membrane ensures excellent impulse response and maximum discolouration, while the efficient neodymium magnet system ensures low-distortion drive. The flow-optimized basket not only prevents rear reflections, but also ensures compression-free playback thanks to optimum voice coil ventilation. The P 3M unfolds its full tonal potential in a closed and damped cabinet.

Power RMS / Max. P 75/150 watts 

(high pass> 400 Hz at 24 dB / oct.)

impedance Z 4 Ω

DC resistance re 3.3 Ω

resonant frequency fs 130 Hz

Mechanical quality qms 4.72

Electricity Qes 0.50

overall quality qts 0.45

indulgence cms 415 μm / N

equivalent volume Vas 0.54 L

power factor BI 4.4 Tm

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 86 dB

membrane area sd 30 cm²

Moving mass mms 3.7 g

membrane material Glass fiber paper membrane Compound

Mechanical resistance rms 0.63 kg / s

Voice coil diameter O 25 mm

Voice coil width 8 mm

Max. Linear diaphragm stroke Xmax +/- 2 mm

outer diameter O 90 mm

Einbaudurchmesser ø 73 mm

Einbautiefe 37 mm


Empfohlene Gehäusevolumina 

Geschlossenes Gehäuse mit mindestens 200 ml Nettovolumen 

Nettovolumina Emfpohlene DSP / Verstärkereinstellungen

0,2 Liter (Systemresonanz: 230 Hz) Trennfrequenz: 500 Hz

Min. Flankensteilheit: 12 dB/Okt.

0,4 Liter (Systemresonanz: 190 Hz) Trennfrequenz: 450 Hz

Min. Flankensteilheit: 18 dB/Okt.

0,6 Liter (Systemresonanz: 170 Hz) Trennfrequenz: 400 Hz

Min. Flankensteilheit: 24 dB/Okt.

Hinweis: Das Gehäuse sollte immer vollständig mit Dämmmaterial ausgefüllt sein.



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