P 62C

  • 165 mm woofer with novel fiberglass-paper compound membrane for maximum rigidity at minimum weight and optimum internal damping
  • 25 mm tweeter with hand-coated silk dome for a balanced, natural reproduction and minimal compression effects
  • Elaborate crossover with impedance correction, three-level treble level adjustment and blocking circuit; exclusively equipped with particularly high-quality components:
    – Distortion-free air coils with lowest internal resistance

    Low- induction metal film resistors – Low-loss Audiotec film capacitors in the high-frequency branch
  • Gold plated connection terminals
  • Grid included
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Puristically bred for maximum sound quality – the P Series component systems do not even need to attract attention with their optical gimmicks. In the construction, the acoustic result was in the foreground. And that can really be heard due to the technical finesse. Starting with the unique fiberglass-paper-compound membrane of the woofer, over the hand-coated silk dome of the tweeter up to the elaborately wired crossover with impedance correction and blocking circuit. Thus, the conclusion of the trade press is short and clear – “the Precision P 62C is sound through in its class without problems”. We could not have put the qualities of this excellent component system to the point any better.

Power RMS / Max. 100/200 watts

frequency range 40 Hz – 25,000 Hz

impedance 4 Ω

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m 90 dB

membrane material HT: silk coated

MT: –

TT: fiberglass-paper-compound

crossover 6/12 dB with impedance compensation, blocking circuit and high-frequency level adjustment

outer diameter HT: 58 mm

MT: –

TT: 165.5 mm

Installation diameter HT: 49.3 mm

MT: –

TT: 142 mm

depth HT: 15 mm

MT: –

TT: 67 mm


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