P 6B

  • Novel fiberglass-paper compound membrane for maximum stiffness, minimum weight and optimum internal cushioning
  • Specially shaped rubber bead for maximum linear diaphragm stroke
  • Gold plated connection terminals
  • Basket in individual HELIX design
  • Solid rubber protection with HELIX logo for the magnet system
  • Grid included
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The intelligence is in the detail – the optically discrete appearance of the P 6B must not obscure the fact that this is a midrange woofer of the extra class, which provides the perfect basis for absolute top sound systems. Its unique fiberglass-paper compound membrane combines minimal weight with maximum stiffness and maximum internal cushioning.
To further optimize the moving mass and thus the impulse behavior, a 25 mm voice coil was deliberately used, which thanks to its enormous temperature resistance nevertheless allows a high load capacity of 100 watts RMS. In addition to rich Kickbass rendering and extremely neutral centers, the P 6B also shines with extremely low distortion.


Power RMS / Max. P 100/200 watts

impedance Z 4 Ω

DC resistance re 3.5 Ω

resonant frequency fs 56 Hz

Mechanical quality qms 5.48

Electricity Qes 0.54

overall quality qts 0.49

indulgence cms 571 μm / N

equivalent volume Vas 13.2 L

power factor BI 5.7 Tm

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 90 dB

membrane area sd 129 cm²

Moving mass mms 14.3 g

membrane material Glass fiber paper Compound

Mechanical resistance rms 0.91 kg / s

Voice coil diameter O 25 mm

Voice coil width 12 mm

Max. Linear diaphragm stroke Xmax +/- 3 mm

outer diameter O 165.5 mm

Installation diameter O 142 mm 

depth 67 mm


Recommended housing volumes 

Closed housing 

net volume 8 l

Lower limit frequency (-3dB) 75 Hz


Bass reflex housing 

net volume 14 l

Reflex duct diameter O 50 mm

Reflex port area 20 cm²

Reflex channel length 12.5 cm

Tunnel tuning frequency Fb 48 Hz

Lower limit frequency (-3dB) 51 Hz


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