• New “Ultra HD Class D” concept that combines the high-end sound quality of Class AB technology with the benefits of a Class D amplifier
  • Full audio bandwidth up to 40 kHz thanks to 96 kHz sampling frequency
  • Innovative, high-performance Fixed Point Audio DSP with 64-bit resolution and 1.2 billion MAC operations / second
  • 24 Volt suitable to carry out without changes to the device
  • Six speaker outputs with up to 230 watts RMS to 2 ohms
  • Two processed RCA preamp outputs
  • Inputs: 6 x RCA, 6 x high level with up to 20V RMS input sensitivity, optical SPDIF input
  • Intelligent high-level input with ADEP circuit
  • HELIX Extension Card Slot (HEC) for more I / O modules such as Bluetooth ® audio streaming, high-resolution audio streaming via USB etc.
  • Extremely compact dimensions and low heat generation thanks to very high efficiency
  • Automatic remote switch
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The HELIX P SIX DSP MK2 6-channel power amp delivers not only powerful power and an 8-channel DSP processor of the latest generation with enormous computing power, but sets new standards in the amplifier technology with the new “Ultra HD Class D” technology.

With a sampling rate of 96 kHz and an audio frequency response that is extended to over 40 kHz, it raises the bar not only in terms of sound quality. Because versatility was also at the top of this amp. Thanks to the HELIX Extension Card (HEC) slot, the P SIX DSP MK2 can be expanded with additional interfaces such as a Bluetooth ®Audio Streaming Module or a High Resolution Audio USB Sound Card . Two processed RCA preamp outputs also allow the connection of additional amplifiers.

The configuration of the internal 64-bit DSP is made easy with the professional yet user-friendly DSP PC-Tool software and leaves nothing to be desired with its numerous setting options.

The concentrated engineering know-how of the P SIX DSP MK2 comes in the HELIX-typical, clear design, which meets all requirements for a quick and easy integration.


Ultra-HD Class D High-Res Audio DSP-Inside-64-BIT High Level Input RCA Input Optical input HEC-slot Remmote Control ready ADEP DSP PC tool-ready Car Remote Switch Start-stop capability PSM  Regulated Power Supply SMD Made-in-Germany

Special features:

Ultra HD Class D amplifier technology with 96 kHz sampling rate
The P SIX DSP MK2 is the first class D amplifier with integrated signal processor, which operates with the double sampling rate of 96 kHz. As a result, the audio bandwidth is not limited to 22 kHz as usual, but allows an extended frequency response up to 40 kHz. However, the higher sampling rate places significantly higher demands on all components in the device. Only the use of the very latest chip generation both in the DSP and in the power amplifiers makes this possible. The result: a quality of sound that was previously unknown to Class D amplifiers.

Ready for 24 V
The P SIX DSP MK2 is not only suitable for use with 12 V electrical systems, but can also be operated without any changes or settings on the device, even on 24 V electrical systems, such as are common in the truck sector , The performance data of the P SIX DSP MK2 are identical for both operating modes. Thus, maximum flexibility for all conceivable purposes is given.

Intelligent high-level input
Modern, factory-installed car radios are becoming increasingly intelligent in terms of diagnosing the connected speakers. If an amplifier is connected to the radio instead, it usually results in error messages up to the elimination of individual functions (such as faders).
The new Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection (ADEP) circuitry eliminates all of these problems without unduly stressing the radio’s speaker outputs at high levels.

Power Save Mode
The Power Save mode is activated in the basic settings of the DSP PC-Tool software. It allows to drastically reduce the power consumption of the P SIX DSP MK2 (and possibly additionally connected amplifiers) if no input signal is present for more than 60 seconds. As soon as the “Power Save Mode” is active, the internal amplifier stages of the P SIX DSP MK2 as well as the Rem Out are switched off, significantly reducing the power consumption. The amplifier returns to its normal operating state within 2 seconds as soon as a music signal is present at its input. The switch-off delay can be varied or completely deactivated via the DSP PC-Tool software.

Start Plugability
The power supply in the HELIX P SIX DSP MK2 amplifier ensures the internal power supply even with short-term drops down to 6 volts. This ensures that the HELIX P SIX DSP MK2 remains fully functional even when the engine is started.

Automatic Digital Signal Detection
Switching between the analog and the digital input is signal-controlled. As soon as an audio signal is detected at the optical input, the amplifier switches over to this input. In the DSP PC-Tool software, this function can be deactivated or, alternatively, a manual control can be selected via an optionally available remote control.



Note: The Bluetooth ® word mark and logos are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Audiotec Fischer GmbH is under license. Other trademarks and trade names belong to their respective owners.


Power RMS / Max.

– @ 4 ohms Channel A – F: 120/240 watts per channel

– @ 2 ohms Channel C – F: 230/460 watts per channel

– @ 1 ohm – 

– bridged to 4 ohms – 

– bridged to 2 ohms – 

amplifier technology Ultra HD Class D

inputs 6 x Cinch 

6 x High Level Speaker Input 

1 x Optical SPDIF (12 – 96 kHz) 

1 x Remote In

input sensitivity RCA 2 – 4 Volt or 4 – 8 Volt 

High 5 – 10 Volt or 10 – 20 Volt

Input impedance RCA 64 kOhms

Input impedance high level 13 ohms or 64 kohms

outputs 6 x Speaker Output 

2 x RCA 

2 x Remote Out

Output voltage RCA 3 volts RMS

frequency range 20 Hz – 44,000 Hz

DSP resolution 64 bits

DSP computing power 295 MHz (1.2 billion MAC operations / second)

sampling rate 96 kHz

DSP type Audio signal processor

signal converter A / D: Burr Brown 

D / A: Burr Brown

Signal-to-noise ratio digital input 105 dB (A-weighted)

Signal-to-noise ratio analog input 100 dB (A-weighted)

Harmonic distortion (THD) <0.008%

damping factor > 100

operating voltage 10.5 – 32 volts (maximum 5 seconds down to 6 volts)

No-load current 2200 mA

Max. Remote output current 500 mA

fuse 3 x 20 A LP-Mini plug fuse

Additional features HEC Slot, ADEP Circuit, Auto Remote Switch, Control Input

Dimensions (H x W x D) 50 x 260 x 190 mm


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