Q 15W

  • Handmade paper cone for tremendous rigidity
  • Wide, low-loss foam bead for maximum diaphragm deflection
  • Concave PP dust cap with embossed HELIX logo
  • 2 x 2 ohm impedance for most flexible connection options
  • Extremely heat-resistant double voice coil with enormous winding width for particularly large linear diaphragm deflection
  • Solid and stable die-cast basket with diamond cut
  • Removable rubber seal
  • Robust butyl magnet cover with HELIX lettering to protect the magnet
  • Solid pressure terminals for large cable diameters
  • Enormously powerful, 9-fold ventilated 3-fold ferrite magnet system for an optimal linear magnetic flux
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Urgewalt with sensitivity

It becomes clear at first glance what the new Q subwoofers were designed for. The massive aluminum die-cast baskets with diamond cut and the powerful 3-way ferrite magnet systems already visually signal that these subwoofers are serious. The extremely hard, hand-made diaphragms and oversized voice coils with enormous winding widths are predestined to set tremendous amounts of air into motion at low speed.

But with sheer force alone, it’s not enough – a lot of elaborate details of the design and the cleverly combined materials at the same time ensure extremely precise and dynamic bass reproduction that will satisfy even the most demanding music lovers.

Thus, the Q subwoofers form the perfect symbiosis of maximum sound pressure and unique sound quality in a new dimension.

Power RMS / Max. P 1,000 / 2,000 watts

impedance Z 2 x 2 Ω

DC resistance re 2 x 1.95 Ω

resonant frequency fs 33 Hz

Mechanical quality qms 4.62

Electricity Qes 0.44

overall quality qts 0.41

indulgence cms 68 μm / N

equivalent volume Vas 65.2 L

power factor BI 24.8 Tm

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 90 dB

membrane area sd 819 cm²

Moving mass mms 366 g

membrane material Handmade paper cone

Mechanical resistance rms 15.0 kg / s

Voice coil diameter O 76 mm

Voice coil width 40 mm

Max. Linear diaphragm stroke Xmax +/- 14.0 mm

outer diameter O 396 mm 

Installation diameter O 348 mm 

depth 198 mm


Recommended housing volumes 

Closed housing 

net volume 60 l

Lower limit frequency (-3dB) 45 Hz


Bass reflex housing 

net volume 100 l

Reflex duct diameter O 100 mm

Reflex port area 78 cm²

Reflex channel length 14 cm

Tunnel tuning frequency Fb 30 Hz

Lower limit frequency (-3dB) 29 Hz



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