• 7-Channel Plug & Play Upgrade Amplifier with Integrated 8-Channel 64-Bit DSP for BMW HiFi Sound Systems (Option 676)
  • Easy installation at the original slot using the included Plug & Play connection cable and mounting plate
  • MATCH Extension Card Slot (MEC) for additional input / output modules such as Bluetooth® Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
  • Revolutionary DSP features such as “Augmented Bass Processing”, which dynamically optimizes the bass reproduction of the under-seat subwoofers, the “StageXpander”, which significantly widens the stereo perspective, and the “RealCenter” function, which provides both driver and front-seat passengers with an equally perfectly focused stage image allows
  • Starting plugability down to 6 volts supply voltage
  • Optical SPDIF input with a sampling rate between 12 and 96 kHz
  • Mono RCA output for connecting additional amplifiers, eg a subwoofer amplifier
  • Easy configuration via intuitive DSP PC-Tool software
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The “M package” for your BMW hi-fi sound system (Option 676) – The MATCH UP 7BMW is the ultimate sound upgrade for anyone looking not only for more power and dynamics, but also for seamless integration into the vehicle lay.

The installation is very easy on the slot of the original amplifier with the enclosed Plug & Play connection cable and a fitting mounting plate. Nevertheless, the equipment of the UP 7BMW amplifier is designed so flexible that it can also be easily used for universal applications in BMW vehicles.

In addition to Audiotec Fischer’s proprietary Class HD technology and a 64-bit DSP of the latest generation with enormous computing power, new and revolutionary DSP features such as “Augmented Bass Processing”, the “StageXpander” and the “RealCenter” radio ensure top-flight music enjoyment. Of course, the UP 7BMW also offers a MATCH Extension Card slot (MEC slot) for further input and output modules such as a Bluetooth ® Audio Streaming Module or a High Resolution Audio USB Sound Card .

Thanks to the professional yet user-friendly DSP PC-Tool Software V4, the configuration of the UP 7BMW is almost playful and intuitive.

Class HD Plug & Play ready Optical input MEC slot Remmote Control ready Car Remote Switch ADEP 64 bit DSP inside DSP PC tool-ready Car specific setups Start-stop capability PSM Regulated Power Supply SMD Made-in-Germany


Special features:

Class HD Technology
In the UP 7BMW, the benefits of Class H technology are combined with the principle of a Class D amplifier. The result is unsurpassed efficiency, exceeding that of conventional Class D amplifiers. The advantages of the Class HD concept in small and medium-level control, as the power supply regulates the internal supply voltage of the power levels depending on the amplitude of the input signal. This
drastically reduces the average power loss generated by the amplifier .

Intelligent high-level input ADEP.3
Modern, factory-installed car radios are becoming increasingly intelligent in terms of diagnosing the connected speakers. Especially the latest generation of BMW radios is equipped with additional monitoring functions, so that when connecting an additional amplifier error messages or even malfunctions can occur. The new ADEP3 (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection Generation 3) circuitry eliminates these issues without unduly stressing the radio’s speaker outputs at high levels.

Start Plugability
The power supply in the UP 7BMW amplifier ensures the internal power supply even with short-term dips down to 6 volts. This ensures that the amplifier remains fully functional even when the engine is started. If the on-board voltage drops below 10.5 volts for more than 5 seconds, the amplifier goes into “Protect Mode” (status LED is solid red) to prevent further discharge of the battery.

Automatic Digital Signal Detection
Switching between the analog and the digital input is signal-controlled. As soon as an audio signal is detected at the optical input, the amplifier switches over to this input. In the DSP PC-Tool software, this function can be deactivated or, alternatively, a manual control can be selected via an optionally available remote control.

Power Save Mode
The Power Save Mode allows you to drastically reduce the power consumption of the UP 7BMW (and any additional connected amplifiers) if there is no input signal for more than 60 seconds. As soon as the “Power Save Mode” is active, the internal amplifier stages of the UP 7BMW as well as the remote output are switched off, significantly reducing the power consumption. The amplifier returns to its normal operating state within 2 seconds as soon as a music signal is present at its input. The switch-off delay can be varied or completely deactivated via the DSP PC-Tool software.



Note: “The Bluetooth ® word mark and logos are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks
by Audiotec Fischer GmbH is under license. Other trademarks and trade names belong to their respective owners. ”


Real Center
The “RealCenter” feature is a proprietary algorithm by Audiotec Fischer that emphasizes the monaural information of the left and right front channels, and in contrast to conventional methods, which only accumulate the channels, there is an additional dynamic control of the center signal through the stereophonic This means that the center channel will not reproduce a signal if only the left channel or only the right channel provides an audio signal, but in the case of common algorithms the center channel would only be 6 dB quieter Audiotec Fischer’s “RealCenter “Thus enables a unique, wide-ranging stage image – and that for both driver and passenger alike optimally! The disadvantages of a conventional center channel,such as an intrusive, narrow spatial sound representation are finally a thing of the past.

Augmented Bass Processing
Audiotec Fischer’s proprietary Augmented Bass Processing, featuring two revolutionary sound features: Dynamic Bass Enhancement and SubXpander, designed to dramatically improve the bass response of OE subwoofers The “Dynamic Bass Enhancement” in the amplifier ensures that the sub seat subwoofers in the BMW always play under optimal conditions – regardless of the music style or the sound settings in the factory radio.According to the input signal enhances the “Dynamic Bass Enhancement” on the one hand, the lower frequency range and on the other hand, the cutoff frequency of the subsonic filter varies.
The highlight – the parameters of the algorithm are precisely adapted to the built-in speakers. The result is a much more powerful, deeper bass response at low and medium volumes without running the risk of mechanically or electrically overloading the subwoofers at high volumes. And that despite the considerably higher amplifier power that the amplifier provides at the subwoofer outputs compared to the original system. It’s simply fascinating which bass performance is suddenly possible with the original speaker systems. If you want to have the bass range a bit deeper and “blacker”, you can additionally activate the “SubXpander”. Subharmonic tones are added to the basic tones in the frequency range between 50 and 100 Hz.

Depending on the arrangement of the loudspeakers in the vehicle, a more or less wide stereo stage can be realized on the front seats. If a center loudspeaker is also installed, it sometimes additionally limits the spatial representation of the music. This is where Audiotec Fischer’s new
“StageXpander” comes in – a sound feature that seems to break the acoustic limits, allowing for a much wider stereo base without negatively affecting the precision of locating voices or instruments
adapt four levels to your personal taste .

More transparency and substance in the high-frequency reproduction complacent? But Audiotec Fischer now offers just the right tool with the “ClarityXpander”.
Properly dosed (and therefore selectable in three levels), it gives the overtones additional radiance – particularly useful if the original speakers
miss the necessary shine in the high-frequency range. There is the extra Hochtonkick not only for the two front channels, but also separately adjustable for the center channel. And because just in the latter a tad too much in connection with overtone-rich music material fatigues your hearing, even an
automatic, dynamic control of the additional overtone component can be activated here.


Power RMS / Max.

– @ 4 ohms 5 x 65/130 watts (front / rear / center channels)

– @ 2 ohms

– @ 1 ohm

– bridged to 4 ohms

– bridged to 2 ohms

– Subwoofer output to 4 ohms

– Subwoofer output to 2 ohms 2 x 160/320 watts

amplifier technology Class HD

inputs 4 x High Level Speaker Input

1 x Optical SPDIF (12 – 96 kHz)

1 x MEC

1 x Remote In

input sensitivity High level 2.0 – 8.3 volts

Input impedance RCA

Input impedance high level 13 ohms

outputs 7 x speaker output

1 x RCA

2 x Remote Out

Output voltage RCA 3 volts RMS

frequency range 20 Hz – 22,000 Hz

DSP resolution 64 bits

DSP computing power 295 MHz (1.2 billion MAC operations / second)

sampling rate 48 kHz

DSP type Audio signal processor

signal converter A / D: Burr Brown

D / A: Burr Brown

Signal-to-noise ratio digital input 105 dB (A-weighted)

Signal-to-noise ratio analog input 103 dB (A-weighted)

Harmonic distortion (THD) <0.03%

damping factor > 100

operating voltage 10.5 – 16 volts (maximum 5 seconds down to 6 volts)

current consumption 450 mA

Max. Remote output current 500 mA

fuse 2 x 25 A LP mini plug-in fuse

Additional features Class HD technology with dynamically controlled power supply, ADEP.3 circuitry, start-stop capability, control input, USB, MEC slot, auto remote switch, galvanically isolated line out

Dimensions (H x W x D) 46 x 130 x 153 mm



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